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Inflatable Dock Seals and Truck Shelters

Inflatable Dock Seals and Truck Shelters

Inflatable seals and truck shelters are designed to 'hug’ a truck/trailer by inflating down against the top of the trailer and inward against its sides. When not in use, the units are kept deflated. This prolongs their service life and allows when desired additional building ventilation.

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Inflatable Dock Seals and Truck Shelters Exterior Designs.

Inflatable Dock Seals and Truck Shelters Exterior Colours.

Colours may not be exact. Please contact your local dealer for colour chips.

Inflatable Dock Seals and Truck Shelters(Windows)

PSI-150 Fixed Header Inflatable Dock Seal:

The PSI-I50 Fixed Header Inflatable dock seal is best suited for use on doors up to 8' wide X 8' high. When the PSI-150 is inflated, it provides a weather tight, energy efficient seal. The unit inflates to meet the truck/trailer in position at the dock, thereby eliminating impact pressure on the building wall. When deflated, the unit retracts around the perimeter of the loading dock door The PSI-150 is well suited for loading dock situations that service a dedicated fleet.

PSI-250 Adjustable Curtain Inflatable Dock Seal:

The PSI-250 Adjustable Curtain Inflatable dock seal shares all of the characteristics of the Model PSI-150 with the added benefit of an adjustable head curtain. The adjustable head curtain increases the sealing range of the PSI-250 by 12". It is able to service lower height trucks/trailers.

PSI-350 Adjustable Header Inflatable Dock Seal:

The PSI-350 Adjustable Header Inflatable dock seal is the ideal solution for sealing door openings up to 8' wide X 10' high servicing truck/trailers of variable heights. Inclined or declined approaches to the loading dock are easily accommodated since the 100% air filled side bags inflate, to form a seal against the rear of the truck/trailer, while the header inflates and seals the top of the truck/trailer. The PSI-350 is well suited for loading docks that service trucks/trailers of varying width, and heights.

PSI-450 Rigid Inflatable Dock Shelter:

The PSI-450 Rigid Inflatable dock shelter is the ideal choice to allow complete, unobstructed access to the rear of a truck/trailer for easier loading/unloading. The air bags of the PSI-450 inflate quickly to contact both the top and sides of the truck/trailer for the most effective seal. The inflatable air bags retract back behind the protective curtains when not in use. The unit is supplied complete with bottom pads and heavy-duty, structural steel protective guards.

PSI-550 Retractable Inflatable Dock Shelter:

The PSI-550 Retractable Inflatable dock shelter design has no projecting framework in the contact areas. This prevents shelter damage due to truck/trailer impact. It works exceptionally well in tight applications or where trailers have to "jack-knife" into position. The PSI-550 inflates around the sides and top of the trailer to provide for full, unobstructed access to the rear of the trailer for uncomplicated loading/unloading operations.

PSI-650 Inflatable Rail Shelter:

The PSI-650 inflatable rail shelter provides the most effective weather-protected passageway between a rail car and the loading dock. When activated, the PSI-650 inflates to contact the rail car to create and maintain a positive seal. This results in a reduction in heating/cooling costs, it protects' products and increases safety. When not in use, the unit rests deflated against the building wall.

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