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Sliding Grilles & Partitions

Sliding Grilles & Partitions

Air Vista is our best sliding grille: tough enough to be an effective security barrier while providing a clear view of architecture and merchandise. Air Vista is perforated with a custom pattern of slots that are narrow to prevent penetration and long to provide excellent vision and air flow.

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Sliding Grilles & Partitions Exterior Designs.

Sliding Grilles & Partitions Exterior Colours.

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Sliding Grilles & Partitions(Windows)

Product Details:

The Air Vista system is unique. Grilles are fabricated with solid, dedicated components that interlock securely to prevent their removal by force. The Air Vista grilles use heavy gauge extruded aluminum inserts with "T" shaped edges that fit into special channels so that they cannot be punched out by intruders.

Air Vista's perforations are 1-1/4" x 1/4" oblongs that allow the high rate of air exchange needed in food courts and public spaces. Slots are arranged in a standard horizontal pattern; large orders may be fabricated to your own custom design.

These grilles are the best choice for retail storefronts. Weighing less than tempered glass insert grilles, Air Vistas are easier to operate and are much lighter on supporting bulkheads. They can't be smashed like glass and they avoid the code restrictions of polycarbonates.

Air Vistas are simply the toughest, most versatile sliding grilles that you can buy.

The Classic:

The CLASSIC is a distinct blend of security and light weight. Its ability to fade into any decor, allows protection without being intrusive. The vertical lines of this grille give a unique impression of open space. A good choice for use as an area divider in schools, hospitals and offices.

The Guardian:

The open style GUARDIAN is available in straight or brick patterns. The grille construction is based on the VISTA system of individual panels interlocked together by full height hinge members. This provides an extremely smooth folding, easily operated grille. Combined with the high security that it offers, this grille is ideally suited to locations requiring “behind glass” protection.

Glass Vista:

The clean, attractive lines of the Glass Vista sliding grille make it the most popular style of storefront closure in malls. Clear, wide tempered glass inserts give an unobstructed view of displayed merchandise and store interior design, while providing a protective barrier against theft and intrusion.

These smooth-rolling grilles run on 1-1/8" diameter twin rollers in tough overhead track that is our exclusive design. Vista grille curtains and lock posts are suspended with 5/16" diameter cold rolled steel hanger rods that will not deform over the lifetime of the grille. Special hangers with a 1" upward height adjustment are available for use when site conditions are "variable".

When even higher security is required, the standard tempered glass lites may be substituted by 1/8" Lexan® inserts which provide shatterproof, clear glazed, secure grilles that eliminate smash and grab theft.

Sliding Partitions:

Specifically engineered for your distinctive applications, these partition style enclosures are ideal for offices, hospitals, reception halls, convention centers, churches, schools, funeral homes, day care centers, hotels, restaurants, banks, etc…

Each partition is custom-made; choice of panel widths, curves, hard melamine finish, sound reduction and a high-quality interchangeable commercial locking system.

With a patented continuous aluminum hinges that will not split or cut, it is the most secure and durable partition.

The distinctive characteristics make it unique and unequalled. It is aesthetic, secure, durable, versatile, maintenance-free and affordable.

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