Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size of door to purchase?

Garage door are the exact size as the finished opening size. The garage door industry commonly refers to the width first and height second. For an example a 9’ wide and 7’high opening would require a 9×7 door.

How do I prepare the opening for a sectional door?

To ensure that door track brackets, operator brackets and other components are secured to the structure of the garage you must prepare the opening using 2×4’ and or 2×6’ securely fastened to the garage door frame flush and square. The concrete floor should be reasonably level in comparison to the door to prevent gaps at the bottom.

How much headroom is required to install a sectional garage door?

Sectional doors require specific amount of headroom to allow for the door to function. Most sectional doors will use 12” radius tracks requiring 12” headroom clearance above the doorjamb. There are many other options available if your headroom is less the 12”. Consult your local dealer.

How much headroom do I require to install an operator?
If a trolley style operator is installed it would require an additional 2” of headroom to allow for the operator rail to be mounted above the door/track assembly. It requires a grounded outlet installed in the ceiling (by others) approximately 10’6” back from the center of the opening for a 7’ door.

If a side mounted jack-shaft operator is being installed it would require 3” above center of spring shaft, it also requires 1”-5” of spring shaft beyond the bearing plate and another 8” form the end of the shaft to the wall. It can be mounted on either side of the opening, and does require a grounded outlet within 6’ of the operator location.

Where can I purchase one of your premium garage doors?
You can purchase our garage door in over 450 dealers in Ontario. We deal with select buying groups and Lumberyards such as Castle, Timber Mart, Rona, Turkstra Lumber, Cashway, Home Hardware, Home building Centers and Independent Lumberyards for the past 15 years. Please review ‘find a dealer’ in your area.
What is the warranty on your garage door?
Stewart Overhead Door warrants its workmanship for one (1) year from the date that the installation was completed. This warranty may not apply to mis-use or failure to follow operating instruction, This warranty is void if repair or adjustment is made by any party not specifically authorized by Stewart Overhead Door.
What is the warranty on your operator?
There are two different types of warranty, manufactures and installation. The Lift Master Chain Drive operator comes with a 4-year motor warranty. The Lift Master Belt Drive operator comes with a lifetime motor and belt warranty. Both operators also has a 1-year warranty on all other parts. The Lift Master Residential Jack-shaft operator comes with a 5-year lifetime motor warranty and also has a 5-year warranty on all other parts.

Stewart Overhead Door warrants its labour for ninety (90) days from the date that the installation.

Can I paint my steel garage door?
It is possible to paint the garage door. All of our steel garage doors have a baked on finish in specific colours as specified by the manufacturer. If you do paint the door, you must ensure that you follow the manufactures painting instructions.
Does my garage door require maintenance?
Yes, your door does require certain maintenance; general rule of thumb, visual inspection monthly and professionally serviced once annually. Refer to your owner’s manual.
Does my operator require maintenance?
Yes, your operator requires certain maintenance; general rule of thumb, visual inspection and testing once per month. Refer to your owner’s manual.